MapaWall Walnut Annen, The Netherlands

Here is our MapaWall Walnut in a bright space in Annen, The Netherlands. Our deep toned wooden map is seen here displayed centrally on a wide, plain wall. Having our map on this light colored wall ensures that it can be noticed from all angles in the room. A heavy contrast is present between the wall and the map that works to add detail to this simple area. The client has chosen to position our MapaWall Walnut at a high height, so that again, the full map can be seen from all areas of the room.

A Deep Color from an Oil Finish

This is an example of our MapaWall Walnut with an oil finish. As clearly seen in this image, the oil has given the wood a deeper and richer tone. This exquisite finish adds depth and is in keeping with the elegance of this space. An oil finish for wood is not only aesthetically beautiful, it also serves as a great protection for the wood. The client has requested for this finish in order to achieve this intense, vivid deep brown color that coordinates impeccably with this space. Walnut is a versatile wood and can have a light or dark hue depending on its finish and surroundings.

An Earthy Interior Design

The client has chosen a teal and earthy color palette with a mixture of white, grey and deep brown. Our MapaWall Walnut with oil works excellently in this space as it harmonizes well with the color palette and deep brown curtains, cushions and rug. The client has chosen to incorporate bright teal into their color palette by the use of patterned cushions. These stripes correlate with the striped grain of our MapaWall Walnut as well as the round wooden coffee tables and vast wooden flooring. Overall, the client has chosen a fitting color palette to complement our MapaWall Walnut. By choosing to add an oil finish to our map, the client has brought out the best attributes and tones of our stunning wooden map.