MapaWall Rosewood Wijchen, The Netherlands

Here is our MapaWall wooden world map Palisander in a bright, cheerful room in Wijchen, The Netherlands. This room is filled with vibrant colors, a fun style and playful atmosphere. This client has chosen to place our MapaWall Palisander on a vibrant turquoise wall. They client has selected a focal spot above their sofa to merge with the colorful surroundings. With all of our maps, they are positioned at a distance from the wall creating a distinct shadow. By positioning the map in this way, it allows the map to have a 3D effect, as well as standing out on even the brightest of backgrounds.

Palisander Wood With an Oil Finish

This MapaWall Palisander has an oil finish that is demonstrated in this image. The oil makes the wood a richer and darker color, really emphasizing the colorful tones of the wood. Palisander has some sharp, stunning pinks and red tones, it is for this reason it can also be known as Rosewood. By adding this oil, these rosey, red hues are truly brought to life. This client has chosen this bright, colorful wood to merge effortlessly into this vibrant space and with the vivid decor.

A Colorful Interior

This is an example of a fun, quirky and cheerful interior design. The client has hand-picked bold colors of fuchsia and turquoise to bring this space alive. They have combined all of these with a textured gray sofa and intricately designed cushions. The color fuschia works brilliantly with this MapaWall Walnut as it really brings out the rose tones of the Palisander rosewood. The client has gone with a daring color palette that has given our MapaWall Walnut a quirky and cheerful edge. A charming way to include our wooden map into their home.