MapaWall Rosewood Siebengewald, The Netherlands

Here is our MapaWall Rosewood with country borders in a cosy home in Siebengewald, The Netherlands. The client has placed our elegant wooden map in an open dining area. They have selected a location that is not centrally above the dining table, but in a spacious corner of this room. By placing our map here, the client has really brought life to this piece. They have chosen to remove it from a busy area, and place it in a calm space witch targeted spot lighting. This stunning way of displaying our MapaWall wooden world map Rosewood ensures it can be appreciated in the best way.

A Dark, Rich Wood

Rosewood is a rich, deep wood that has the ability to adapt to its surroundings. As our wooden map has been chosen for an ambient space, the deeper and darker it can look. Rosewood is the perfect choice for this environment as it has rich, dark tones with subtle hints of red and cream. This means it works well on the large, painted brick wall in this low-lit space. Rosewood has a strong grain that also has the ability to add character to a simple space.

A Romantic Interior Design

The client has gone for a romantic interior design theme with low-lighting and an understated color scheme. This space is a combination of light and dark colors where the client has used bright walls and ornamentation and in contrast they have chosen darker furniture and decor. This light and dark theme adds to the romantic, ambient atmosphere of this room. In addition, the client has also used several plants to add some color and style. Our deep colored MapaWall wooden world map Rosewood coordinates beautifully in this spacious yet intimate room.