MapaWall Rosewood San Francisco, United States

Here is our MapaWall Rosewood in a wonderfully modern space in San Francisco, USA. This classic city apartment has high ceilings, exposed brick walls and large windows outlooking the city life. The client required one of our wooden maps to fill up their extensive light wall in their open plan living room. Our MapaWall Rosewood is seen here filling up this space magnificently. It has been displayed in a central position above the focal point of the room where it can be appreciated. This piece has added a slight artistic edge to this clean, modern space.

Rosewood With an Oil Finish

This is an example of our MapaWall Rosewood with an oil finish. Applying oil to wood creates a deep and dark finish. The client chose to use one of our darker wooden maps for this space. This is so it would work well with the surrounding darker wooden surfaces and dark brick colors. Rosewood is recognized for it’s prominent hints of red and is known in some parts of the world as Rosewood. This distinctive tone is drawn out by the adjacent walls and corresponding furniture.

A Contemporary Interior Design

The client has opted for a minimalistic and contemporary interior design. They have selected a strong color palette of grey, white and red. They have carefully selected all pieces in this space to ensure all of them collaborate well with each other. This room has a classic San Francisco city apart feel, with breathtaking long windows with exposed brick details. The client has incorporated a vibrant red color to perfectly compliment the red tones of this brick wall. Similarly, they have chosen our MapaWall Rosewood for this same reason. You can see this color palette and interior design have incorporated the stylish, contemporary elements of city life, as well as the more rustic and characteristic ones.