MapaWall Rosewood Ottawa, Canada

Here you can see our MapaWall Rosewood in this lovely home in Ottawa, Canada. The customer has chosen an excellent location for our wooden map in a cosy and relaxed space. The room itself instantly gives us the feeling of creativity and a sense of exploration or travel. Our MapaWall Rosewood looks as if it was made for this space and has easily integrated into its comparable surroundings. This room has been carefully designed in order to emit tranquility and relaxation to everybody that enters it. Our MapaWall Rosewood has been fittingly placed on a light, plain wall, so it can be admired.

Matching your MapaWall

Rosewood has a rich hue which works brilliantly in a well thought out space such as this. The room radiates a cool and calm vibe that corresponds exquisitely with this wooden map. With Rosewood having a deep and intense look and feel, it is the perfect choice for an ambient room such as this. The customer has delightfully matched this MapaWall Rosewood with their marvelous wood flooring. This gives a pleasant coordination to the room and in turn reinforces this feeling of rest and relaxation.

Creating an earthly feel

The customer has chosen a neutral and simplistic colour scheme that has beautifully incorporated the exposed brick wall. This room oozes with smooth and softening textures, so the brick is a lovely way to add a subtle contrast. This space has an evident earthly feel with it’s inclusion of worldly objects, a fur rug and contemporary burning fireplace. Our MapaWall Rosewood is an impeccable addition to this room by embodying this theme excellently. All of our MapaWall maps are magnetic, and this is a superb example of when this feature can be used. As you can see, the customer has placed several magnetic pins on locations around the world. The final touch to complete this ambient, worldly space.