MapaWall Rosewood Landsmeer, The Netherlands

Here is our MapaWall Rosewood with country borders in a vibrant home in Landsmeer, The Netherlands. The client has placed our stunning wooden world map above their statement L shaped sofa. The height at which it has been positioned works well to highlight the intricate detailing of this piece. The map itself has also been placed on a simple and plain white wall which again adds detail to this simplistic space. This image is a perfect example of how our wooden maps have a 3D effect. The low lighting and simple walls accentuate this 3D look and feel well.

A Deep Red Hue

Rosewood can have an array of colorful undertones. Specifically, it is known to have a red hue and is therefore widely referred to as Rosewood. This rich, red color is a great way of adding color to your space in a subtle manner. In this image, you can clearly see the bold grain of Rosewood. It is a mixture of horizontal and convoluted patterns that gives character to this space and adds detail to this wall. With such a strong grain, our MapaWall Rosewood can act as a centerpiece for your space.

A Modern Interior Design

The client has gone for a modern interior design with bold, block colors and clean lines. They have chosen a warm color palette that is a combination of red, mustard, tan, cream and white. These colors complement each other beautifully to give a calming look and feel. With the use of red candles and ornamentation, the client has further emphasized the red tones in our MapaWall Rosewood. This look has been completed by the use of soft and smooth textures. The material sofa, fluffy throw and smooth, matte coffee table all help to complete this design.