MapaWall Rosewood Dordrecht, The Netherlands

Here is our stunning MapaWall Rosewood map in an attractive room for a customer in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. The customer has placed our incredible wooden map in this splendidly designed dining area of their home. They have decided to place this on a plain, white wall in a central position above their table seating. By putting our MapaWall Rosewood on a plain surface, it has in turn allowed this wooden map to become more prominent. Our MapaWall maps are fitted 3cm from the wall surface creating a remarkable 3D effect. By placing it in this way, the customer has allowed this piece to flourish.

Applying an oil finish

This is an example of our MapaWall Rosewood with oil. When we apply an oil finish to this wooden map, it produces a mesmerizingly deep hue. Rosewood is an elegant and alluring wood type due to its rich tones and colorful look and feel. The wood itself has some unique properties that can add charisma to any room. Our MapaWall Rosewood has the ability to integrate most types of woods together as a result of its diverse characteristics. The customer has chosen several different wood types for this space, but as you can see, our MapaWall Rosewood successfully brings them all together in a harmonious fashion.


vibrant and earthy feel

The customer has used a contrasting monochrome color palette with black, white and wood. Our MapaWall Rosewood has a dark grain which works well with the black used in this room. The customer has added plants in several locations around the room to add a vibrant and earthy feel. Together with the different wood types used, these plants add to the natural feeling of the space. Furthermore, this feeling of nature is continued with the use of our delightful wooden map.