MapaWall Rosewood Delft, Holland

This is splendid example of the Rosewood wooden world map in a spacious and bright interior in Delft, The Netherlands. This room depicts a playful, quirky and yet incredibly classy style. You can see that this is large, open space filled with an abundance of bright block colors and textures. Our wooden world map works impeccably with the retro design of this room, and is a striking addition to the expansive, central white wall.

Characteristics of Rosewood

Rosewood has a remarkable physical beauty. It is a deep golden-brown color with a hint of red tones. The wood itself is known for its often variable and sometimes wavy or interlocking grain giving it a distinctive look and feel. This distinctive appearance of the wooden world map could not be more suitable for this lively interior. Rosewood is a decorative piece of wood that brings the various array of room colors together in a symphonious fashion. The exclusive pattern of this wood means it works well with the diverse textures present here. A uniquely vibrant wood in an equally vibrant interior.

The interior design of the room

The customer has chosen a 60s, retro interior design with a modernistic twist. This is clearly illustrated with the fusion of a vivid teal and yellow combined with a more neutral and understated white and beige. The Rosewood world map is an impeccable addition to this design theme. Furthermore, the room has been finished with carefully chosen decorations. By using several different plants in the room, the customer has beautifully added the element of nature and the outdoors. Our wooden world map has the natural element required for this space and it tastefully complements the ambience of the room.