MapaWall Rosewood Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Here you can see our striking MapaWall Rosewood in this large dining room in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Our map is perfectly situated in line with this client’s long dining table. Our wonderful map has been positioned at the same height as the adjacent bookshelf creating a sense of symmetry. The client has gone for a low ambient lighting scheme by using carefully placed spotlighting to further emphasize the detail in our MapaWall Rosewood.

A Dark and Rich Wood

As you can see, this wooden map has a unique look and feel. Rosewood is a rich and dark wood which works beautifully in this romantic, ambient space. This wood has a strong, contrasting grain that gives character to any room. This linear grain is complimented well by the horizontal stitching in the furniture and linear grain of the dining table. Rosewood is made up of red, dark brown and light brown tones. This client has chosen the ideal type of wood for their dining room, one that brings character and color to this space.

A Romantic Interior Design

This is an example of a romantic interior design, with deep colors, low-lighting and smooth textures. The client has brought out the red tones of our MapaWall Rosewood by selecting dark red furniture and supporting red ornamentation. They have also opted for an equally dark wooden dining table that adds to this design theme. In contrast, the client has used light, stone colored walls to create space in this low-lit space. This wall also helps to add depth and definition to our wooden map. An excellent example of how to display our MapaWall Rosewood in an ambient, romantic dining room space.