MapaWall Oak Nuenen, The Netherlands

Here is our MapaWall Oak gorgeously displayed in this rustic but modern dining area. The client has chosen to place this wooden map adjacent to their dining table on a large, spacious wall. This position for our wooden map is ideal when looking for a piece that will create interest and conversation in your dining area. By placing the map here, the client has added character to this section of their dining space, as well as a talking point when hosting a dinner party. Furthermore, this is an example of our MapaWall Oak with country borders, another way to add detail to a large, plain wall space.

Great in Natural Light

 Our MapaWall Oak is our lightest wood option and works well in a bright room with an abundance of natural light. The client has chosen an area where our wooden map is able to receive plenty of natural light from the windows and balcony doors. This vivid daylight brings out the bright, dazzling tones of this wood as well as giving the room an earthy look and feel. Oak wood has a distinctive grain and a rustic texture and is the perfect choice for this space. Coupled with the light wooden flooring and wooden decor, the client has chosen the perfect addition for their dining area.

A Textured Interior design

The client has gone for a rustic, textured interior design with a modern look and feel. This texturized room is an inviting space for people to appreciate it by touch as well as by sight. As you can see the client has used soft leathers, smooth cabinets, and walls together with rough stone ornamentation, rustic woods and industrial metals. This mixture of patterns and materials gives a layered depth to the senses. The client has flawlessly integrated our MapaWall Oak into their textured dining space, as well as creating a warm, open and inviting interior design.