MapaWall Walnut Wellerlooi, The Netherlands

Our MapaWall wooden world map Walnut can be seen here looking breathtaking in this crisp and charismatic room. The space oozes with character and personality. The Walnut coincides attractively with the wooden dresser and is situated beautifully above it in a symmetrical fashion. The room has been designed with a clear thought in mind and the customer has wonderfully coordinated each aspect of this room to create a harmonious feel.

Wooden world map Walnut

Walnut is an unconventional wood that always produces an outstanding elegance when utilized in interior design. The wood itself is seen here to have a range of alluring tones. The colors produced from this piece are cool and sharp with a wintery feel. It is easy to notice the mixture of grey and cream tones illustrated in this image. The grain of this wood is typically straight but can also have mesmerising irregular pattern. The customer has used inconsistent grain styles in both their dresser cabinet and our MapaWall Walnut. This has devised an enticing and artistic feel which further adds to the charisma of this room.

A fusion between new and old

The customer has amalgamated a rustic design with that of a contemporary one. Their interior design reflects an evident fusion between new and old. This design theme is captivating and it is impressive to see how each individual ornamentation has a role to play in this space. With the use of a faded, rustic chest, the customer has drawn out the darker tones of our MapaWall Walnut. The rough texture of this piece has exposed areas of lighter tones which also works well with the neutral palette of this space. The clock has also been beautifully hand picked to compliment all colors in the room, bringing together the browns and creams. The customer has successfully merged the detail of our MapaWall  Walnut together with the detail present in this space.