MapaWall wooden world map American Walnut

The Walnut wooden world map with country borders, Jessheim, Norway


Here you can see the Walnut wooden world map perfectly displayed in this customer’s seating space in Jessheim, Norway. This versatile wood can be seen integrating effortlessly into this clean, crisp interior. The customer has found an idyllic position for this wooden world map, in an indented wall space, encased by short side walls. They have placed this map as a central piece which is definitely hard to miss! They have cleverly utilised the wall indentation by creating a low, relaxed seating area with a calm feel, further emphasising the map itself.


Characteristics of the Walnut wood type


Walnut wood is a rich medium brown color, with undertones of yellow and deep brown. These rich tones of the wood beautifully blend in with the theme of this room. Walnut comprises of a straight grain and is dense in nature. It is known to be an exotic wood that can serve a different purpose depending on its surroundings. Here, this wooden world map serves as a rich and solid contrast to its adjacent softer and lighter furniture. This incredible contrast really adds to the charm of this space.


The interior design of the room


The use of bold decorations here has really worked to bring together the different elements of the room. You can see the linear nature of the Walnut wooden world map from a distance, and this has been recognised and emphasised by the use of strong, linear lampshades. Similarly, this has been reinforced with the use of geometric and straight fur cushions. This grey, light brown and white color palette creates a fresh, cool and calm sensation which is also demonstrated by the dim candle lighting and ambient atmosphere. An impressive way to incorporate our rich, dynamic Walnut wooden world map into a soft and calm interior.