MapaWall wooden world map Oak without country borders

Our MapaWall Oak in a Spacious Living Room

This is our MapaWall Oak in a bright and spacious living room in Vernier, Switzerland. Here you can see our light oak wooden map on a crisp, white wall. The client has chosen to place our map in this bright space with plenty of natural light and plain surfaces. Our wooden map looks stunning on a plain surface such as this as it brings out each intricate detail of our map. The map is also fixed a few centimeters from the surface of the wall, and as you can see, this creates a bold shadow that creates an incredible 3D effect.


Oak Wood with an Oil Finish

This wooden map has an oil finish. Oak with oil finish produces a darker color that is more vibrant. This is oil finish work to bring out the rich cream and yellow tones of this wood. The client has also used and oiled oak flooring and furniture to decorate this space. This has beautifully brought all aspects of this space together by producing a seamless continuity. By choosing to finish the wood in this way, it also helps to protect the wood from wear and tear as well as adding a vibrant touch to this living room.


A Simplistic Interior design

This is an example of our MapaWall oak without country borders. The client has opted for our plain wooden map which brilliantly matches the surrounding simplistic interior design. This space is filled with bold, block colors and minimal patterns. Both the furniture and ornamentation chosen are a combination of deep grey, white, black and oak. By sticking to this simple color scheme, the client has created a calm and relaxed environment. With the use of simple colors but different textures, they have added character to this living room that is wonderfully complimented by our MapaWall Oak.