The MapaWall Plain edition

The MapaWall plain edition is one of two maps styles we are proud to sell at MapaWall. The plain edition has no country border outlines, leaving a clean and stunning surface. Each map comes with the option to includes a seamless interior metal layer. This allows you to add a personalized touch by marking points of interest with magnets.


Produced with the highest quality materials, these maps represent a craftsmanship that we’re proud of. Each map is made from a multiplex plate, and is topped with one of our four high quality veneers; Oak, Palisander (Rosewood), Walnut, or Zebrano. Our wall maps are made with a loving attention to detail. To ensure that only the best products make it to you, each map is individually inspected by our staff.


You can feel good about purchasing these beautiful world wall maps. MapaWall has a strong commitment to sustainability. For each map purchased, the company donates 10 dollars to The Nature Conservancy on your behalf.


An Exclusive Wall Deco

MapaWall Plain Edition maps make an elegant addition to any interior space and can be combined with any décor style. Used as a centerpiece or accent decoration, the plain edition will draw visual focus. Whether in a home, office or other location, this map will add a sophisticated touch to your wall. If we do say so ourselves, your friends, clients and family will complement you on your excellent taste.