Pinpoint magnets

Use MapaWall magnets to pinpoint important places on your MapaWall map. Each MapaWall map contains an interior metal layer that allows you to place magnets on the surface to mark points of interest. MapaWall magnets are selected specifically to match our maps. Our powerful magnets will maintain their hold without damaging the wood quality underneath. We are excited to present two varieties of magnet – disk and cylindrical – to provide you with style options. Consider mixing and matching the varieties to mark different types of locations.


We enjoy exploring the creative ways to use MapaWall magnets: Consider marking places you have travelled, places you have lived, or places you would like to visit. Business might decide to mark location of branches, while others use the magnets to plan a dream vacation.


Our magnet system maintains the elegant feel of our wall maps. These sophisticated magnets complement the quality craftsmanship and wood finish of our maps while adding a personal touch. Small and powerful, MapaWall pinpoint magnets can be placed just .2 inches (0,5 cm) away from each other. You can even stack the magnets to indicate each time you have visited a location.
Underneath you find our MapaWall pinpoint magnet collection.