And the 2015 winner is…


Four times 228 euro for best picture of 2015!


How proud are you of your brand new MapaWall world map? Show us, take a picture and compete for the grand prize; getting back the full purchase amount of your MapaWall!
Every year this prize is given for the best, most beautiful or most original photograph of a MapaWall on the wall from one of our clients. This years winners achieved a fantastic result teamwise and get to split their prize in four.

The beautiful picture was made possible by photographer Jaap Lotstra who captured the MapaWall gorgeously. The photo was taken in the office of ITQ’s director Paul where this eyecatcher is displayed on the wall and whose office was styled by Esmee from Peter from Multiklus ensured that the MapaWall was expertly mounted on the wall. Together they managed to take this winning photo and so jointly they earn back the purchase amount of their MapaWall Walnut Country Borders.

We congratulate the winners wholeheartedly with 4 x €228,- and wish them great pleasure with this prize.


Best MapaWall photo of the year 2015MapaWall Photo price 2015

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