Packing & Sending a MapaWall

Completing Your Wall Deco


After the mounting system and spacer are assembled, the MapaWall is packed in its carton suitcase. We prepare the carton case with several molds, which protect your newly born MapaWall against hazards during the transport. All pieces are gently put into place and are given special protective layers of carton and paper. Just like the MapaWall itself, most of the packaging consists of sustainable products. At the very end of our packaging stage, we add some ree sample of our fine pinpoint magnets and any other pinpoint magnets our clients might have ordered. We also add our installation template, which makes it easy to install your MapaWall.

Handing in Over for Transport


Once a MapaWall is finalized, the case is picked up by our transportation partner UPS. Because we trust only the best with our product, we’ve chosen UPS to be our partner in delivery around the globe.


In our Webshop, our UPS plugin automatically calculates the shipping fee for your location. UPS also makes it possible to track & trace your package. When a MapaWall is in stock, we ship it immediately. Before you know it, UPS will knock on your door and deliver your brand new MapaWall.


Once it arrives, you can install your MapaWall.