(European) Oak

Oak veneer MapaWall

The veneer we use for our MapaWall Oak edition is sourced from one of the best oak veneer suppliers in the world.


Oak is used in many furniture applications and so the MapaWall Oak edition will match many already furnished interiors. With a yellowish brown to dark brown color and stunning natural wood lines, the oak edition will add a strong and classic visual element to any interior.


Our oak comes with the natural variations characteristic of oak from European sources. Your map might feature the Slovenian or Polish styles of oak. The Slovenian features a straight grain and even tint, while the Polish version is tougher and harder. Oak trees normally grow between 60 to 90 ft tall, although the largest can grow as tall as 147ft.


MapaWall has a strong commitment to maintaining the growth of this beautiful tree. The company will donate to the Nature Conservancy for each map purchased, and offers you the opportunity to also contribute – with the guarantee that MapaWall will add on to any amount you give.


Ask for a free sample of our Oak veneer.

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