The creation of our MapaWalls

Combining the Wood

Our maps are produced with the highest levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail. MapaWall world wall maps are created and produced in the Netherlands. As a sign of our commitment to using only the best products, we use PEFC certified wood as the base of our maps. Our Dutch supplier is known as one of the best suppliers of high quality wood in Europe. The plywood, which we use for our MapaWall projects, originates mainly from the south of Europe. We import our veneer from the finest woods we can find from all corners of the world.

Once we have selected our veneer and plywood, we begin to stick the pieces of wood to each other. We then lay the veneer in a method called “mismatching”, which creates the natural look on the surface that you see in our final product. At the same time, we attach a unique metal layer that is responsible for attracting our pinpoint magnets. After this process occurs, we manually check each map for quality before the plates are cut by our laser.

Cutting with laser precision

This stage is where the real magic begins. Our newly combined plate of wood is placed on a giant laser cutting machine. With an accuracy of 0.003 inches (0,1 mm), the six bigger parts and seventeen smaller islands that make up your MapaWall map are cut out of the wooden plates. For clients who chose to include country borders, the laser cutting machine gently burns lines across the map. Thanks to the accuracy of the laser, these lines create clear and stunning country borders on the final map.

After the wooden plate is cut and graved by the laser cutter, the semi-finished product is checked manually for quality and possible flaws. When the wooden plates have passed the second quality check, the plates are gently stacked with paper in between them. Once stacked, the maps are ready to be transported to our workshop for the final adjustments and customizations.

Finalizing Your MapaWall Map

Once the plates have arrived from our later cutter, we make the last adjustments and prepare them for packing. Before we start assembling our magnetic mounting system, we do a final quality check. Once approved, the magnetic mounting system is installed on the back of the bigger parts of the MapaWall. This system ensures it is easy to install your own MapaWall against the wall. The mounting system also creates a small distance between the wall and the map that makes the MapaWall look like it is floating. The system even allows you to move the bigger continents in any direction after the MapaWall is installed. After the bigger parts are complete, we place spacers on the smaller islands to put them at the same depth as the larger parts.

At this point, we can separate and oil the MapaWall for clients who choose not to do it themselves or not to oil them at all. The maps sit for approximately one day to allow the oil to soak into the wood and give the MapaWall its final color.

From there, the map is packed and sent in the final stage of production.