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The MapaWall world map

What is the size of a MapaWall?

The MapaWall world maps have a width of 86 inches (218 cm) and a height of 46 inches (117 cm). The unique magnetic mount system makes it possible to move the individual continents for precision placement. The thickness of the MapaWall world map is about 0.39 inch (10 mm).

In what way is the MapaWall attached to the wall?

Putting up a MapaWall world map is child’s play. Every MapaWall comes with a template on which the MapaWall is shown in its actual size. You only need to find a suitable spot for your MapaWall and attach the template. To attach the continents you need to drill seven holes. These can be drilled directly through the template. So no need for marking these points first. The 17 islands are attached using superglue.


On the template you will find both an English and a Dutch manual including a packing list. In the package there’s also a Tips & Tricks sheet which contains useful information about the installation.

What tools do I need to install a MapaWall?

To install a MapaWall world map you need the following tools (these are not included):

-power drill; to drill the holes for the suspension
-Philips screwdriver; for tightening the magnetic suspension
-Scotch tape or regular tape; for sticking the template to the wall
-a drill with the size of 0:22 or 0:23 inch (5.5 or 6 mm); for drilling the holes for the suspension.


For a relatively soft wall we recommend to use a drill of 0.22 inch first. This, in order to prevent the holes from being to big for the plugs. All other remaining materials are included in the MapaWall package.

Do I need to treat my MapaWall with oil or wax?

Unless you let us treat the MapaWall for you, the MapaWall comes untreated. You can simply treat the MapaWall with an oil or wax by yourself. As with other furniture an oil or wax protects the top layer from dirt. Next to that, such protective coating often darkens the veneer. If you prefer a lighter color you can choose to let the MapaWall untreated. Or you can treat it with a special oil or wax to use. This way your MapaWall stays protected but doesn’t get much darker. Want to see how the color of different types of veneer react to oil or wax? Request a free sample through our webshop.

What is magnetic about the MapaWall?

The surface
All our MapaWalls are available with a ‘magnetic’ surface. That means that each of these world maps are provided with an invisible metal layer. This invisible layer allows you to use small magnets to mark your favorite places on the surface of the map. Our wooden maps are also available without the magnetic surface.


The suspension
The suspension consists of seven strong magnets. Six continents are attached to the 7 magnets by and a second metal layer on the backside of the MapaWall. Due to this system all continents can be shifted in all directions, without the need for drilling new holes. For an impression you can take a look at the provided template.

Which islands are included in the MapaWall world map?

In total you’ll receive 17 islands with your MapaWall. Some smaller islands are cut from one-piece and form one bigger island. Only some small compromises like these make the wall mounting possible. Through the list of islands underneath and the pictures from our clients you will get a better idea of how the islands are formed.


Included islands:


  1. Corsica & Sardinia (combined)
  2. Cuba
  3. England & Scotland
  4. Philippines (islands combined)
  5. Haiti & Dominican Republic
  6. Ireland
  7. Iceland
  8. Madagascar
  9. Malaysia (Borneo), Brunei and Kalimantan
  10. New Zealand (Northern Island)
  11. New Zealand (Southern Island)
  12. Papua & Papua New Guinea
  13. Sri Lanka
  14. Sulawesi
  15. Sumatra, Java, Bali and Tenggara (combined)
  16. Taiwan
  17. Tasmania

How can I order extra pinpoint magnets?

Extra pin magnets can be ordered in the MapaWall webshop

Is there a place which I can visit and can view the MapaWall maps?

You can view the various MapaWall maps at our office/showroom in Haarlem.


Address: Essenstraat 35 zwart, 2011DW Haarlem, The Netherlands


If you plan on visiting us, please make an appointment. Our contact details can be found on our contact page

In what sizes can I order a MapaWall?

The maps of MapaWall are available in one size 86 inches (218 cm) by 46 inches (117 cm). Only at this size, the maps unique details can be shown. If you interested in a bigger map please contact us directly.



Are MapaWalls made of sustainable wood?

The majority of our MapaWall world wall maps are made from wood or wood products, including high quality veneers and PEFC wood. We are very thankful to mother nature for providing us with the resources for this beautiful product.

Because we at MapaWall believe that businesses should be run sustainably we donate 10 dollars to The Nature Conservancy “Plant a Billion Trees” project where 1 dollar equates to 1 tree planted for every map sold

How do the donations work?

With the sale of each map we donate 10 dollars to the project Plant a Billion Trees of the Nature conservancy. 10 Trees can be planted for this amount. You may decide in which region (Brazil, China or the United States of America) the trees are planted. You will receive a personal thank you from The Nature Conservancy.


If you make an extra donation and give us permission, you will be mentioned on our MapaWall of Fame. For more information, go to the Compensate page.

Payment and Shipment

What is the estimate delivery time?

All products are shipped with the insurance policy of UPS (Capital). Orders placed before 5pm (CET) are picked up by UPS the next day. Shipment within the Netherlands are usually delivered the following day by UPS. Oil treatment takes an additional two days.


When UPS picks up the delivery you will receive a track-n-trace code with which you can monitor your shipment.

What are the payment options?

We accept the following payment methods: Paypal, iDeal, VISA, Mastercard, Miaster Cash, Addendum Transfer, Bitcoin, Sofort and Belfius Direct Net.

To what countries do you ship?

We ship our products all over the world. Your map is delivered and insured by UPS Capital to more than 220 countries.

When u add a product to your shopping cart and fill in your address you can see the cost of shipping.

What are the costs of shipment?

We use UPS to ship your MapaWall. Within the Netherlands shipment costs average €24,-

Depending on the country shipping costs may vary. When u add a product to your shopping cart and fill in your address you can see the cost of shipping.

How do I get in contact with MapaWall?

To get in contact with MapaWall please visit our contact page.

Return policy

How do I cancel or return my order?

If you want to cancel or return your order, you may do say without reason within 14 days taking our Terms and Conditions into account. The costs of returning the product are for your own account.


If the product does not meet the expected quality, please contact us by sending an email to return(at) or use our contact form. Please note the Order number and give a brief explanation for returning the order.

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