Disc magnets

MapaWall disc magnets offer a sophisticated way to mark places on interest on your MapaWall maps. These magnets, which are developed especially to be used with MapaWall maps, will adhere without damaging the MapaWall surface. The disc magnets are slightly shorter than our cylindrical magnets, and come in four widths. You can use the different widths to mark places of more or less importance, or larger or smaller size.


The shiny nickel surface of our disc magnets will add a shiny effect without distracting from the classic wood craftsmanship of our maps.


Each of our MapaWall products, whether Oak, Palisander (Rosewood), Zebrano, or Walnut, comes with an additional metal layer underneath the wood to attract MapaWall magnets to the surface. Both our plain and country borders editions includes four each of our six varieties of pinpoint magnets. If you need additional or replacement disc magnets, you can find them below.