Cylindrical magnets

MapaWall cylindrical pinpoint magnets are designed specifically to adhere to MapaWall maps. These magnets draw additional focus to your map while maintaining the elegance of the wood craftsmanship. Small and powerful, MapaWall pinpoint magnets can be placed just .2 inches (0,5 cm) away from each other. The cylindrical magnets are slightly taller than the disk magnets and come with a nickel coating that creates a shiny but subtle effect on your MapaWall.


Each variety of MapaWall maps is equipped with a metal primer layer that attracts our MapaWall magnets. Each type of MapaWall map – Oak, Palisander(Rosewood), Walnut, or Zebrano, and plain or bordered editions – can be personalized with magnets pinpointing places of interest.


Every MapaWall map comes with six types of magnets, with four of each type included. Use these magnets to mark important locations on your maps. If you find you need replacement or additional magnets, you can order them here.