The MapaWall Country Borders edition

The MapaWall country borders edition is one of two may styles we are proud to sell at MapaWall. The country borders edition features precision laser cut country borders designating the world’s international borders. Featuring excellent woodwork and a beautiful design, these maps are a stunning addition to any interior wall.


Our maps are produced using one of four wood options: Oak, Palisander (Rosewood), Walnut and Zebrano. Our maps, which are produced entirely in the Netherlands, feature wood and veneer sourced from the best materials we can find. The maps use the highest level of craftsmanship, and each map is inspected manually three times before it arrives on your doorstep.


The team at MapaWall is committed to creating a sustainable business. For each map purchased, we donate 10 dollars on your behalf to the Nature Conservancy, an organization that uses donations to plant trees worldwide.


Personalize your MapaWall

MapaWall maps are a sophisticated addition to any home or office. Whether used as a centerpiece or an accent decoration, our maps create a strong visual focus in your interior space. With the combination of fine art and solid wood craftsmanship, a MapaWall world map is an excellent addition to any home.


Our exclusive ‘magnetic’ maps series can be personalized to match your world history. Each of our magnetic maps includes a hidden interior metal layer so you can pinpoint places of interest with our MapaWall pinpoint magnets. These magnets are subtle and powerful, so that you can stick them throughout almost the entire surface of the MapaWall.