European Oak on concrete

Previously mentioned, the background against which a map is installed plays a crucial role. Harmonising the colours of the map with those of the wall enhances the overall aesthetic and ambiance. Additionally, the choice of materials for both the wall and the object, such as the MapaWall world map, is crucial. In this instance, we'll examine a wooden world map installed by one of our clients from Norway.

Combining materials

One of the early adopters who installed our magnetic MapaWall Oak world map on concrete has beautifully crafted a modern Scandinavian-style interior. By blending industrial materials like the concrete wall featured in the photo with natural elements, they've created a space that feels both contemporary and inviting. The installation in the kitchen, where the world map resides, sets the tone for the entire villa. In another photo, you can see how the warm Oak tones have been carried throughout the house.

MapaWall Oak installed on concrete
Oak wooden world map mounted on concrete | source: Instagram @tinewitnes

We admire the balance achieved between the clean, industrial aesthetics of the concrete walls and ceilings and the warmth introduced by the Oak wood. Despite the industrial elements, the space maintains a cozy atmosphere. While the specific map installed on the concrete wall features an invisible magnetic surface, it's not evident from the photos whether the client opted to use the small nickel-plated pin-magnets. These magnets, being small, may not be visible from a distance. We now offer colored pin-magnets as well, which we will soon showcase in an upcoming blog post. In the meantime, feel free to request photos via our WhatsApp number or by email to get a better idea of their appearance. And if ordering, please ask for a specific colour in the comment field.

Oak wood combined with concrete
Oak wood and concrete combined | source: Instagram @tinewitnes

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